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Engagement models tailored to your needs

Whether it's a dedicated team or a project-based approach, we adapt to fit your needs, ensuring easy teamwork and great results.

Dedicated team model

  • Long partnership
  • Predictable budget
  • Trustworthy relationships
  • DevOps cost optimization
  • Team optimization

The benefits of this model

Skilled developers working just for you

Ability to select and manage the team

Highest level of control and flexibility

Predictable budget and cost-optimization

This model also includes

Fixed monthly cost per programmer

Direct access to each team member

How this model works

This model allows setting up or extending your core team for low-risk operations.


As our client, you will be given an option to screen and select a developer to work on your project. We don’t hire freelancers. All of our developers are working full-time at CodeIT. We are continuously working on the development and nurturing of a strong L&D culture. 

Fixed price model

  • Small projects
  • MVPs
  • Fixed deadlines
  • Limited budget
  • Clear requirements

The benefits of this model

Finalized pricing

Defined deadlines

Predictability of development

No management on your side

This model also includes

Application testing and quality assurance

How this model works

The contract is based on a thorough pre-estimate of work needed for the project.


Our dedicated project manager will engage with you to define every aspect of the project, including requirements and costs.


Once we set the project scope and estimates, you can step back and let us handle the rest, minimizing the need for your supervision.

Time and material model

  • Dynamic requirements
  • Unclear project score
  • Flexibility is required
  • Willingness to manage the project
  • Long-term projects

The benefits of this model

Flexible requirements

Hourly rates

Product quality


This model also includes

Dedicated project manager

Application testing and quality assurance

How this model works

This model is about ongoing work and payment, giving you an active role in development. The project is broken into sprints, allowing flexibility to discuss, visualize, add, or remove features as we go. 


Our commitment to quality is reflected in continuous iterations, testing, and quality assurance. You’ll also have a clear view of the project progress with regular reporting on completed work.

What we bring to the table

From the latest programming languages to the most reliable platforms, our tech expertise ensures your solutions are built on the best.

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