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At CodeIT, we are committed to providing partnership assistance that helps you turn your aspirations into tangible achievements.

Our core values

Positivity, teamwork, collaboration, innovation and impact are our five core values and what we firmly believe makes a company effective and prosperous.

  • positivity


    building a friendly work environment where support and encouragement are always by your side

  • teamwork


    being a part of the team full of different members who always stick together and lean towards the same common goal

  • collaboration


    acknowledging multiple perspectives and providing positive feedback which helps us prosper and thrive in our projects

  • innovation


    thinking outside of the box and coming up with divergent ideas that improve efficiency

  • impact


    to feel worthy every single day and endeavor to make a greater impact on the world

What makes us different?

Find out what sets us apart - our unparalleled dedication, an eye for the exceptional, and an approach that centers around you.

✨ Innovative design mindset

Design isn't just about aesthetics, it's about functionality and user experience too.
Our passionate design team continuously explores innovative tools and methodologies, ensuring that we're always a step ahead and providing top-notch designs that are as user-friendly as they are visually captivating.

💡 Openness to customer ideas

We don't just build software, we build solutions that matter to you.
We pay special attention to your needs, ideas, and objectives, providing guidance and consultation to ensure the final product is tailor-made to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.

🥂 Koditovača

Embracing our local culture and adding a touch of fun to our work, we've created our own Rakija!
Sourced from organic fruits grown on Avala mountain, Koditovača is a symbol of our commitment to authenticity and creativity.

💙 Unique customer support

We don't just solve problems, we understand them.
Utilizing our ClickUp form, we provide swift assistance to help you navigate through any challenges you may face.

💪 Vibrant work environment

At CodeIT, we believe that an inspired team leads to excellent results.
We foster a collaborative, inclusive, and growth-oriented environment where every team member feels valued, motivated, and empowered to reach their full potential.

🧑‍💻 Cutting-edge technologies

We're not just using the latest tech - we're shaping it.
We're always at the forefront of technological advancements, adopting new tools and practices to deliver modern, efficient, and reliable digital solutions.

Meet some of our team members

Our team of skilled IT experts, project managers and designers is driven by passion and expertise to turn your vision into high-quality digital solutions.

Mihailo Milojević

Leadership Team

Aleksandar Milojević

Leadership Team

Nikola Jeremić

Leadership Team

Julija Končar

Leadership Team

Ana Bojnović

Leadership Team

Teodora Zdravković

Leadership Team

Dina Igić

Leadership Team

Marinko Brdarević

Design Team

Slobodan Perušinović

Development Team

Aleksandar Manasijević

Development Team

Dejan Popović

Development Team

Dimitrije Nastić

Development Team

Darko Ipač

Development Team

Maja Maslovarić

QA Team

Milica Tomić


Ana Milovanović

Office Assistant

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