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Playing fair – our terms of service




Just a quick heads-up: these are the rules you’re agreeing to when you use our services. So please, give them a good read.


Using our services

We’re stoked you’re here, but you’ve got to use our services in the way they’re intended. That means no breaking stuff, no hacking, and no being a nuisance to other users.


Your content

We totally respect your stuff. Anything you upload stays yours. But please, make sure it’s all legal and doesn’t step on anyone else’s toes.


Our content

We work hard to create all the content on our site. We’re happy for you to use it, but please don’t steal it. That’s not cool.


Changes to our services

Sometimes we need to change or stop a service. We’ll try to give you a heads-up if this happens.


Legal bits

If you break these rules, we might have to stop you from using our services. And if we break the rules, we accept responsibility where we’re required to by law.


So, that’s about it. By using our services, you’re agreeing to these rules. We promise to stick to them, and we hope you will too. If you’ve got any questions, just give us a shout. We’re always here to help.