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Why you should have an e-Commerce website

Small business owners might be surprised and unprepared, but the whole world has moved online, especially during a pandemic. This text will outline the top reasons and how an e-commerce website will instantly grow your business and increase revenue.

A web store allows you to:

  • Sign customers up via email
  • Drive customers to social media pages
  • Connect and offer value through content like blogs and videos
  • Use coupons to drive return business

Were you looking for a proven way to increase business revenue ? Retail shops, restaurants, vape stores – whatever your particular market is, you are just leaving money on the table if you don’t have an e-commerce website. And this is why.

Improved search marketing

As a website owner, you can use a range of marketing that you can’t through a platform.

For example, SEM and SEO can both bring customers and drive traffic to your store. You can optimize your website for search in a search engine vs. optimizing for search inside a marketplace.

Having your eCommerce store will allow you to utilize blogs and videos to create leads, drive traffic and build relationships with customers you already have.

Make Money Online

In every business, money is math. The more places you offer your services and products, the bigger chances you have to make sales. Creating an online store will open up a whole new opportunity to generate revenue.

Who is buying online? Recent studies show:

Gen X and Millenials: These generations account for 50% more time shopping online each week than older generations.

All Geographies: Online shoppers in major city areas spend more money on eCommerce websites than suburban shoppers.

Open 24/7

Your eCommerce website allows customers to shop at any time. Customers can search through your products; check if a particular item is in stock yet, and do many other consumer processes, even when the doors are closed and the lights are off.

Reduce Payroll

When you can speed up operations and move part of sales to an online platform, you can scale back your payroll demands.

With your online store taking over responsibilities that employees usually handle, the need for a larger staff diminishes. You can have fewer employees on your payroll, your expenses will be lower, and you will turn more of your revenue into profits.

Encourage brand recognition and loyalty

Repeat sales are every seller’s dream and one of the primary factors behind eCommerce growth. Selling to an existing customer is much easier, and approximately 20% cost-efficient than going after new customers. Selling from your website is giving you more opportunities to create new customer touchpoints and repeat business.

Branding your store

Branding your online store allows you to build a customer base of people who trust you and know your products very well and those who will tell their close friends and family a few good words about you.

Having your eCommerce website makes branding more reliable because you have a well-defined and focused online presence on directing customers.

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