E-learning platform with gamification elements for employees at Philip Morris International based on simulation of coaching methodology.


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Overview and main idea

The Coachonaut project was a collaboration between Philip Morris International and CodeIT team to create an innovative gamification app for internal use, aimed at educating their employees in a fresh and engaging manner.

The application simulated a coaching relationship between employees, fostering learning through gamified challenges in a space-themed environment.

Project goals

Empowering learning

Our primary aim was to empower Philip Morris International employees through innovative education, giving them the tools to grow and thrive in their roles.

Engaging learning

We set out to make learning an engaging and exciting journey by adding creativity into the Coachonaut application, inspiring active participation and a genuine passion for knowledge.

Innovative gamification

We aimed to place innovation into the heart of the project by developing a gamification application that will encourage active participation and exceed traditional learning practices.

A Unique learning universe

Our vision was to create a distinctive coaching experience, immersing employees in a captivating space-themed world where learning felt both natural and enjoyable.

Global empowerment

We aimed to empower Philip Morris International employees globally by ensuring that this educational tool was accessible in over 70 countries spanning five continents.

Positive user feedback

We sought to create an application that would not only meet but exceed user expectations, aiming for an outpouring of positive feedback and exceptional engagement from the global Philip Morris International workforce.

User-centric excellence

We wanted that every employee would find this application a valuable and enriching part of their professional development.

How we did it

Check out some of the technologies we used for this project.

Adobe XD

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Pen & Paper

The process

Kick-off phase

Or Crafting a Vision: We initiated the project by defining the scope, objectives, and collaboration plan with Philip Morris International to ensure alignment on project goals and expectations. Together, we shaped the project's vision and forged a partnership that would define the journey ahead.

Brainstorming phase

Igniting Innovation: Our teams collectively dived into brainstorming. We worked on conceptualization of the application's unique coaching approach and design elements. settling on a space-themed gamification concept.

Wireframe & design phase

Artistry in Motion: With the vision set, we ventured into the creative realm. We developed wireframes and design elements, including Coachonaut avatars for user customization, ensuring a balance between a fun and educational atmosphere with space-themed ambiance.

Gamification presentation phase

A Cosmic Unveiling: We presented the gamification concept and design to Philip Morris International stakeholders, offering them a glimpse of the cosmic learning adventure and incorporating their feedback into the final app design.

Launching and promotion phase

A Cosmic Launch: After months of collaboration and dedicated work, the Coachonaut application was ready to launch! 🚀 After deployment, main goal was to spark enthusiasm and engagement between Philip Morris International employees and to motivate them to use the application. We organized training and onboarding sessions to ensure employees understood the application's featured and benefits.
This resulted in fostering competition and active participation among employees. 🥳

Project in numbers


learn parts


practice parts



Main challenge


The main challenge was to create an app that seamlessly balanced gamification, education, and engagement – we had to create an app that was both entertaining and educational.

This required meticulous design to ensure the app was both fun and educational, appealing to a global audience with diverse preferences and backgrounds.

Results & conclusion


The Coachonaut application proved to be a resounding success, with Philip Morris International employees worldwide (5 continents and more than 70 countries) enthusiastically engaging with its content. The positive feedback and excellent response from users demonstrated the effectiveness of this innovative approach to employee education.

It served as a testament to the creative collaboration between Philip Morris International and CodeIT team, delivering a meaningful and engaging tool for the company’s educational initiatives.

Client was more than satisfied with the results as their employees were eager to beat all the levels and therefore educate themselves with the useful content of the application. The impressions and the response exceeded our expectations as the reviews and the comment of the employees were all positive and the feedback was excellent. 💪🏻

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