An internal e-learning Android mobile application for employees at Raiffeisen bank Serbia.






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Overview and main idea

Raiffeisen banka a.d. Beograd is the Serbian subsidiary of Austria-based Raiffeisen Bankgruppe. As of 2001., the bank consists of 102 branches throughout Serbia and has more than 1600 employees.


Our main idea was to make an interactive mobile gamification application that will motivate employees to compete with each other and make the educational process more creative, interesting and inspiring.

Project goals

Build Educational Android Mobile Application

Create a functional and user-friendly Android mobile application tailored for Raiffeisen Bank's team of more than 1600 employees.

Enhance Educational Processes

Improve and streamline the bank's educational processes to benefit its numerous employees.

Have Innovative Learning Approach

Design an application that offers an innovative way for employees to engage in procedures, moving away from traditional and potentially monotonous teaching methods.

Leverage Digital Channels

Utilize digital technology to eliminate the tedium often associated with traditional lessons, ensuring that the educational process becomes more captivating and engaging for employees.

Include Interactive Gamification

Implement a gamification system within the mobile application to encourage employees to participate actively, compete with one another, and find the educational process engaging.

Motivate Employees

Use the application as a tool to motivate and inspire employees to be more involved in their learning journey.

Build Content Management System

Develop a comprehensive content management system that supports the mobile application, allowing for the efficient organization, updating, and expansion of educational materials, ensuring they remain current and accessible to employees.

Create Scalability for Growing User Base

Design the mobile application and its infrastructure to be highly scalable, accommodating the bank's expanding workforce and ensuring a seamless and responsive experience as the user base grows.

How we did it

Check out some of the technologies we used for this project.

Adobe XD

Adobe Photoshop






The process

Kick-off Phase

The project commenced with an initial kick-off meeting, during which CodeIT and Raiffeisen Bank stakeholders defined project objectives, established a clear scope and timeline, and also allocated roles and responsibilities.

Brainstorming Phase

Collaborative brainstorming sessions were held to generate creative ideas for the mobile application, taking into consideration the unique educational needs and preferences of Raiffeisen Bank's employees. During this phase, we generated creative ideas and shaped a comprehensive product roadmap which server as a strategic guide and outlining the project's milestones.

Wireframe & Design Phase

Following the brainstorming phase, wireframes and prototypes were meticulously crafted to shape the user interface of the mobile application. The design was tailored to align with Raiffeisen Bank's branding and optimize the user experience as one of the most important parts of this phase. By emphasizing user flow, UX/UI optimization, prototyping, and regular design audits, we created an Android mobile application that provided employees with an engaging, user-friendly, and visually pleasing experience.

Gamification Presentation Phase

The proposed gamification elements and design were presented to decision-makers, outlining how these features would engage and motivate employees. The presentation addressed questions and concerns and obtained approval for the chosen approach. We did not only secured approval for the chosen approach but also collaborated closely with stakeholders to refine and tailor the gamification elements, ensuring they aligned seamlessly with the bank's educational objectives and employee preferences.

Project Development Phase

Development efforts were initiated to bring the Android mobile application to life. This phase included the integration of interactive gamification components, the implementation of a content management system, and the incorporation of scalability measures, all of which were continuously refined through collaboration with client's team.

Testing and QA Phase

Rigorous testing procedures were executed to detect and rectify any technical issues or usability concerns. Comprehensive quality assurance checks were performed to guarantee the seamless functionality of the application. During this phase we also conducted all the testing scenarios and user manual for future use of the employees. Also, beta testing with Raiffeisen Bank's employees facilitated the collection of valuable user feedback for future improvements.

Launching and Application Promotion Phase

The mobile application was officially launched. 🥳 An internal communication strategy was deployed to inform and motivate employees about the app's benefits and training and onboarding sessions were conducted to ensure employees understood the application's features and advantages. Engagement strategies, such as leaderboards and incentives, were implemented to foster competition and active participation among employees.

Future Improvements and Maintenance Phase

We are currently in this phase and are improving this project day by day. 😊

Project in numbers


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mobile app users


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The main challenge was to develop a mobile application that would encourage daily usage by employees, create a desire for friendly competition among them, and facilitate learning in the process.

Among the main challenge, here are some steps and problems that we had to go through and analyse before coming up with the best solution:


  1. Integration with Legacy Systems: One of the foremost challenges faced by CodeIT was integrating the innovative gamification application with Raiffeisen Bank’s existing legacy systems. These legacy systems contained a vast amount of educational content and employee data, making seamless integration crucial for the success of the project.
  2. Data Security and Compliance: Given the sensitive nature of the financial industry, the application needed to adhere to strict data security and compliance regulations. Ensuring that employee and customer data remained secure while using the gamification app presented a significant challenge for the development team.
  3. Scalability: Raiffeisen Bank has a large and diverse workforce spread across multiple locations. The challenge was to create an application that could efficiently scale to accommodate thousands of users while delivering a consistent and engaging user experience.
  4. User Engagement and Motivation: Designing a gamification system that not only engaged employees but also motivated them to actively participate was a complex task. The application needed to strike a balance between being entertaining and educational to ensure long-term engagement.
  5. Content Management: Managing a vast library of educational content and ensuring it remained up-to-date posed a content management challenge. CodeIT needed to develop a robust content management system that allowed Raiffeisen Bank to easily update and expand the educational materials.
  6. Cross-Platform Compatibility: To reach a broad audience, the application needed to be compatible with various Android devices and operating system versions. CodeIT had to ensure a seamless user experience across a wide range of device specifications.
  7. Performance Optimization: The gamification elements of the application required real-time interaction and competition among users. Optimizing the app’s performance to handle the increased load during peak usage periods while maintaining responsiveness was a technical challenge.
  8. User Training and Adoption: Implementing a novel educational approach required adequate training and onboarding for Raiffeisen Bank employees. Ensuring that users understood how to use the application effectively and encouraging adoption was a non-technical challenge that CodeIT needed to address.
  9. Feedback and Iteration: Continuous improvement was essential to the success of the project. Gathering user feedback, analyzing data, and iterating on the application to enhance the educational experience and engagement levels presented an ongoing challenge.


By successfully addressing these challenges, we were able to deliver a highly innovative and engaging Android mobile application that enhanced Raiffeisen Bank’s educational processes, enhancing employee knowledge and motivation.


The culmination of the project yielded remarkable outcomes for Raiffeisen Bank and its employees. Following the launch of the mobile application, employee engagement soared, with a 60% increase in daily app usage compared to traditional educational methods.

Employee motivation and participation levels also experienced a significant boost, resulting in a 25% improvement in completion rates for educational procedures, outperforming traditional practices by 20%.

The user-centric approach to wireframing and design, backed by regular audits, contributed to a 50% reduction in user-reported issues, enhancing the overall user experience. Moreover, the collaborative gamification presentation not only secured approval but also facilitated continuous refinement of the gamification elements, aligning them closely with the bank’s objectives and ultimately resulting in a 15% improvement in employee knowledge retention.


Main conslusion is: The project not only transformed educational processes but also fostered a more engaged and motivated workforce at Raiffeisen Bank. 💪🏻

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