Part of the Telekom Srbija group, which provides services in the field of mobile service, internet and television for more than 11 million users in the Balkan region and Europe.



UI/UX Design, IT Consulting, Web Development

Overview and main idea

Macedonian Telecommunications Company, known as “Makedonski Telekom” in Macedonian, is the leading telecommunications provider in North Macedonia and a part of Telekom Srbija. 

 Our main idea was to develop a web platform that would encourage users to come to the website to purchase the products and services while also giving them options to pay the bills and add credit to their phone number.

Project goals

Revenue generation

Generate income through e-commerce sales, bill payment fees, and prepaid credit transactions. The primary goal may be to increase overall revenue or diversify income sources.

Market expansion

Expand your market reach by attracting a broader audience, including consumers and businesses interested in shopping, bill payment, and prepaid credit services.

Brand reputation

Build a strong brand reputation by delivering reliable, secure, and user-centric services that garner positive feedback and reviews.

User adoption

Encourage user adoption by offering features and services that users find valuable and by marketing the platform effectively.

Data insights

Gather valuable customer data to gain insights into user behavior, preferences, and trends for informed decision-making and targeted marketing.

Competitive advantage

Establish a competitive edge by offering a comprehensive one-stop solution that sets your platform apart from competitors in the market.


Create a flexible platform that can adapt to changing market needs, industries, and payment options.

Customer retention

Enhance customer loyalty and encourage repeat business by providing a platform that meets various needs, reducing the likelihood of users switching to other services.

How we did it

Check out some of the technologies we used for this project.

Adobe XD

Adobe Photoshop





The process

Kick-off phase

The inaugural phase serves as the project's foundational stage, where key stakeholders convene to meticulously delineate scope, allocate resources, and establish project timelines. An adept project team is meticulously assembled, with roles and responsibilities meticulously delineated. High-level planning is meticulously crafted to serve as the project's guiding compass from inception to fruition.

Brainstorming phase

This creative juncture heralds the conceptualization of innovative ideas for the e-commerce platform and payment system. Cross-functional teams harmoniously converge to initiate ideation, proposing inventive features. These concepts are subjected to a rigorous vetting process, predicated on feasibility and alignment with overarching project objectives. This prioritization exercise is instrumental in refining nascent ideas, winnowing them down to those deemed most likely to engender an unparalleled user experience.

Wireframe & design phase

Within this critical juncture, the visual gestalt of the platform's layout and aesthetics takes form. Seasoned UI and UX designers embark on the formulation of wireframes and prototypes, architecting the platform's visual identity with meticulous precision. Iterative design mockups are painstakingly crafted, undergoing continual refinement through discerning stakeholder feedback.

Project development phase

This pivotal phase entails the arduous labor of translating vision into reality, with the commencement of coding and substantive implementation of the e-commerce platform, bill payment system, and prepaid credit features. The development of the platform's robust backend infrastructure, inclusive of databases and intricate payment processing systems, is a laborious endeavor. Simultaneously, the frontend is diligently assembled in alignment with the elegantly crafted designs. Paramount to this phase is the seamless integration of third-party APIs, which underpin the platform's payment gateway functionality.

Testing and QA phase

The quintessential phase of rigorous examination ensues, underpinned by an unrelenting commitment to the platform's error-free operation and impervious security. A trifecta of testing facets, encompassing functional, security, and load testing, is meticulously executed to validate system performance. The incisive identification and expeditious resolution of any issues that surface are intrinsic to this phase, culminating in user acceptance testing (UAT) to ensure consummate user satisfaction.

Launching the platform and promotion phase

The grand inauguration of the e-commerce platform transpires in this stage, meticulously orchestrated in concert with astute marketing strategies. An ensemble of promotion methodologies, including precision-targeted email campaigns, sophisticated social media initiatives, and strategic advertising, serves to captivate not only Mtel's esteemed customer base but also the broader market. Subsequently, post-launch vigilance ensues, whereby meticulous monitoring attests to the platform's unwavering stability and unmitigated effectiveness.

Future Improvements and maintenance phase

The valedictory phase charts the course for perpetual sustainability, anchored by a steadfast commitment to maintenance, iterative enhancement, and future-proofing. A meticulous regimen of scheduled maintenance routines stands vigilant, promptly attending to updates and security exigencies. The ongoing solicitation of user feedback is an inherent practice, with analytical rigor applied to discern areas ripe for augmentation. Propelled by unceasing research into dynamic market trends and user exigencies, this phase begets a roadmap for perpetual evolution, ensuring the platform's enduring competitiveness and timeless relevance.


The main challenge was to develop a web platform that would encourage users to come to the website to purchase the products and services while also giving them options to pay the bills and add credit to their phone numbers. 

Among the main challenge, here are some steps and problems that we had to go through and analyze before coming up with the best solution:


  1. Integration complexity: Integrating a seamless online shop, bill payment system, and prepaid credit option within a single platform can be technically challenging. Ensuring that these components work cohesively and efficiently can be demanding.
  2. Security: Security is paramount, especially when dealing with financial transactions and sensitive customer information. Implementing robust security measures to protect user data and financial transactions from cyber threats and fraud is a continuous challenge.
  3. Scalability: Telco companies often have large customer bases, and the platform must be designed to handle high traffic and scalability effectively. Ensuring that the system can accommodate growth without compromising performance can be a challenge.
  4. Regulatory compliance: The telecommunications industry is subject to various regulations and compliance requirements. Ensuring that the platform adheres to these regulations, particularly in billing and payment processing, requires careful attention and ongoing monitoring.
  5. User experience (UX): Creating an intuitive and user-friendly interface for both purchasing products and paying bills is essential. Striking the right balance between feature-rich functionality and simplicity can be challenging.
  6. Payment gateway integration: Integrating payment gateways and ensuring they work seamlessly can be a complex task. Different payment methods, currencies, and international regulations may add to the complexity.
  7. Customer education: Educating customers about how to use the platform effectively, especially for new features like prepaid credit options, can be a challenge. Clear communication and user guides are essential.
  8. Data management: Handling vast amounts of customer data, including billing details and transaction histories, requires robust data management solutions. Ensuring data accuracy, privacy, and accessibility can be demanding.
  9. Cross-device compatibility: Ensuring that the platform works seamlessly across various devices and operating systems, including mobile phones and tablets, is crucial in today’s multi-device landscape.
  10.  Performance optimization: Optimizing the platform’s performance to minimize loading times and ensure a smooth user experience, even during high-traffic periods, is an ongoing challenge.
  11. Customer support and issue resolution: Providing efficient customer support for any platform-related issues, such as failed transactions or login problems, is crucial to maintaining user satisfaction.
  12. Competitive landscape: Staying competitive in the rapidly evolving e-commerce and telecommunications industry requires continuous innovation and the ability to adapt to changing customer preferences and market dynamics.


The e-commerce platform yielded significant results, including a 30% boost in online sales, equating to a higher annual revenue compared to the previous year. These sales were complemented by the acquisition of 50,000 new customers within the first three months of launch.

User engagement also saw a substantial increase, with users spending an average of 25% more time on the platform, indicating enhanced satisfaction. Furthermore, the conversion rate improved from 3% to 5%, leading to more successful transactions.

The introduction of an online bill payment system was well-received, with 60% of Mtel customers opting for this method. Simultaneously, the prepaid credit option garnered significant usage, with 100,000 transactions processed in the first year.

Customer satisfaction witnessed a marked improvement, reflected in a rise in the Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) from 75% to 85% within the initial year.


Main conclusion is: The successful implementation of the e-commerce platform, bill payment system, and prepaid credit options resulted in increased revenue, customer engagement, satisfaction, and market share, with a remarkable return on investment, establishing Mtel as a competitive force in the telecommunications and e-commerce sectors. 💪🏻

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