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Overview and main idea

Neoplanta, a renowned producer of delicatessen products in Serbia, launched a creative and engaging marketing campaign called “Napravi kobasicu po svom ukusu” (Create Your Own Sausage).

Our main idea was to create an interactive activation with a goal for them to connect with their customers, promote their products, and encourage culinary creativity.

Project goals

Build user friendly web application

This goal encapsulates the primary objectives of the project, including the development of the web application and the desired outcomes such as customer engagement, brand loyalty, and increased sales.

Engage customers

Neoplanta aimed to engage its existing customer base and attract new ones by creating an interactive and enjoyable experience related to their products.

Promote customization

The campaign aimed to highlight the versatility of Neoplanta's delicatessen products by allowing customers to customize their sausages.

Boost brand loyalty

Neoplanta sought to strengthen customer loyalty by involving them in the product creation process and offering attractive rewards.

How we did it

Check out some of the technologies we used for this project.

Adobe XD

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The process

Kick-off phase

The project commenced with an initial kick-off meeting, during which CodeIT and Neoplanta stakeholders defined project objectives, established a clear scope and timeline, and also allocated roles and responsibilities.

Brainstorming phase

Collaborative brainstorming sessions were held to generate creative ideas for the web application and activation, taking into consideration the needs and preferences of Neoplanta's customers. During this phase, we generated creative ideas and shaped a comprehensive product roadmap which server as a strategic guide and outlining the project's milestones.

Wireframe & design phase

Following the brainstorming phase, wireframes and prototypes were meticulously crafted to shape the user interface of the web application. The design was tailored to align with Neoplanta's branding and optimize the user experience as one of the most important parts of this phase. By emphasizing user flow, UX/UI optimization, prototyping, and regular design audits, we created an fun activation that provided employees with an engaging, user-friendly, and visually pleasing experience.

Project development phase

Development efforts were initiated to bring the web application to life. This phase included the integration of interactive components, implementing features such as sausage customization, user registration, submission of entries, and integrating backend databases to store user data and sausage recipes. Additionally, the development team places a strong emphasis on security measures to safeguard user information and prevent potential fraudulent activities. Throughout this phase, regular code reviews and testing are conducted to ensure that the application meets the specified requirements and functions smoothly.

Testing and QA phase

Rigorous testing procedures were executed to detect and rectify any technical issues or usability concerns. Comprehensive quality assurance checks were performed to guarantee the seamless functionality of the application. This includes debugging the code, addressing usability concerns, and optimizing the application's speed and reliability.

Launching and application promotion phase

The web application was officially launched. 🥳 Simultaneously, a marketing plan is executed to promote the web application and the 'Napravi kobasicu po svom ukusu' campaign. Various promotional channels such as social media, email marketing, SEM, and other digital platforms are utilized to reach Neoplanta's target audience and drive engagement.

Evaluation and reporting phase

The project team continuously tracked the web application's success, measuring its impact on customer engagement, sales, and brand loyalty. Comprehensive reports and analytics were generated to evaluate key performance indicators (KPIs), and these insights inform data-driven improvements to the application and campaign strategy.

Project in numbers


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Neoplanta’s “Napravi kobasicu po svom ukusu” project was centered around an web application that allowed participants to create their own sausages. Key elements and flow of the web application included:


  1. Customization: Participants could choose the type of meat, sausage size, spice intensity, and additional ingredients, giving them complete control over the sausage’s flavor and composition.
  2. Storytelling: Entrants were encouraged to name their creations and provide an interesting backstory, enhancing the emotional connection between the customer and their personalized sausage.
  3. Awards: Neoplanta incentivized participation with a range of exciting prizes, including a two-night stay for two at Salaš 137, branded bicycles, Neoplanta Delikates product packages, visits to the Neoplanta company, and the opportunity to produce the winning sausage.
  4. Judging: A panel of experts assessed the entries and selected winners based on creativity and taste.

Outcomes and impact


The “Napravi kobasicu po svom ukusu” project achieved remarkable results:


  1. Increased engagement: The web application received extensive participation and engagement from customers, creating a buzz on social media and other online client’s platforms.
  2. Brand awareness: Neoplanta’s brand recognition was strengthened as participants shared their creations and stories, reaching a wider audience.
  3. Customer loyalty: Customers felt a deeper connection with Neoplanta, as the campaign allowed them to be co-creators of the product, fostering a sense of ownership and loyalty.
  4. Sales boost: Neoplanta experienced an uptick in sales of their Delikates products, particularly those featured in the customization options.
  5. Positive PR: The project garnered positive media coverage, reinforcing Neoplanta’s reputation as an innovative and customer-centric company.
  6. Data collection: Neoplanta gathered valuable data on customer preferences, which could inform future product development and marketing strategies.

Results & conclusion

“Napravi kobasicu po svom ukusu” project successfully blended interactive customization, storytelling, and rewards to engage customers, promote product versatility, and strengthen brand loyalty. By allowing customers to participate actively in the creative process and offering attractive incentives, Neoplanta not only boosted sales but also enhanced its brand image and customer relationships. This campaign serves as a prime example of how innovation and customer engagement can yield substantial benefits in the food industry.

We received more than 2500 proposals which exceeded primarily expectations, and as well made PR value of more than 94.000€.

Main conslusion is: The project not only strengthen client’s brand connection but also increased sales and enhanced customer loyalty. 💪🏻

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