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Website redesign

A comprehensive redesign of the Nutrino website, aiming to modernize the platform and more effectively showcase the company's high-quality food products and brands.


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UI/UX Design, Web Development

Overview and main idea

In an era where digital presence is pivotal, Nutrino, a distinguished food manufacturing company, embarked on a journey to revitalize its website. With the goals of refreshing its existing online facade, accelerating page speed, and more proficiently exhibiting its products and brands, Nutrino sought to align its website with its core values of supporting healthy development and lifestyle habits across all generations. This case study outlines the transformative steps taken to enhance Nutrino’s digital platform, reflecting the company’s vision of making healthy, natural, high-quality food accessible worldwide and its mission to remain the first choice among consumers, customers, and business partners.

Project goals

Modernize the website

Update the website's design to reflect a more contemporary and polished look that mirrors Nutrino's brand values.

Improve performance

Enhance page speed for better user experience and engagement.

Effective product display

Rework the website to more effectively showcase Nutrino's wide range of high-quality food products and brands.

How we did it

Check out some of the technologies we used for this project.






The process

πŸ“„ Initial assessment and planning

A discovery meeting to understand Nutrino's vision and objectives.
Brief analysis to identify the key areas for improvement on the existing website.

🎨 Design and prototyping

Wireframe designs were crafted as blueprints for the new site structure.
UI/UX design phase focused on creating a modern and user-friendly interface.

πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’» Development

Using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, the development team transformed the designs into a functional website.
Emphasis was placed on optimizing page speed and ensuring the website's adaptability across various devices and browsers.

πŸ”Ž Testing and launch

Extensive QA processes were undertaken to ensure the site's performance and reliability.
After confirming the website met all predefined criteria, it was officially launched.


The redesign of Nutrino’s website marked a significant milestone in the company’s digital strategy, resulting in remarkable improvements in user engagement and website performance. Here are some of the key metrics observed post-launch:


Website visits: The new website experienced a 40% increase in monthly visits, indicating a stronger online presence and greater interest in Nutrino’s offerings.

Page load time: Optimizations brought the average page load time down by 50%, significantly improving the user experience and reducing bounce rates.

User engagement: Engagement metrics, including time spent on the site and interactions per visit, saw a 35% improvement, highlighting the effectiveness of the new design in captivating the audience.


These metrics not only demonstrate the success of the website redesign but also reinforce Nutrino’s position as a leader in the food manufacturing industry, committed to quality, innovation, and accessibility.

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